Erotic Romantic Fiction

Summer lovin’

I like having summer boyfriends. Summer here, summer there…

Review love from up in beautiful Canada for my beach boy smut novel BODY SURF. I knew I liked Canadians!

This is one of those books that I just couldn’t put down until I’d finished it. I won’t spoil it by giving details of the plot except to say that, yes, there’s some very explicit sex between Cam and Joe but it works because there’s more than just a physical release going on. However, there is also a serpent in their garden of innocence: a former girlfriend who is hiding a huge secret is determined that Cam will be hers after their single night of passion. It’s interesting to see how this all plays out but in the end we’re satisfied that it will…I really liked this one and recommend it all the way. I’d especially like to see a sequel set some 3-5 years on to tell us how our two guys are doing and where they find themselves in their lives together. (Hint to author…)

Check out BODY SURF at Phaze Books


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