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When the one who’s been tormenting you for months is suddenly the only one you can trust…

A year ago, Jonas was swept off his feet by his handsome older boyfriend, business owner Richard Taft—a virtual prince charming with a big house on the lake, multiple restaurant franchises, and who only has eyes for Jonas. Everything should be perfect.

Except for Jonas’s nemesis: Lee Cross.

Since their boyfriends are brothers, Jonas and Lee spend a lot of time together. But Lee never misses an opportunity to taunt and humiliate Jonas with a passionate hatred that seems to have no cause. When their holiday plans are abruptly canceled due to the brothers leaving on a work emergency, Jonas snatches the opportunity to at last confront the man who has been making his life hell, determined one way or another to get to the bottom of it.

But the truth reveals a far greater mystery than why Lee doesn’t like him. And that Lee might not be his nemesis after all.

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Newly divorced dad Kurt Varley is having a rough year. He’s lonely. His kids are avoiding him. His widowed father’s behavior has started becoming reckless. And to top it off, Kurt’s house is haunted. But despite all this, he’s been trying to date again, a challenge after years of marriage, and the women he meets seem to sense his hopelessness.

But things flip upside down when during an afternoon date, a mouthy staffer at an amusement park blurts out details of Kurt’s private life, things no stranger should know. The young man, Orion, claims to be psychic, but Kurt suspects he’s gotten his information elsewhere, and soon discovers they share an unsettling personal connection. But when Kurt’s fascination with the combative, charismatic Orion begins to overshadow everything else, the biggest mystery might be why he can’t stop making excuses to see him again.

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I wanted to give in to him. If only I could stop thinking about his brother…

Following a devastating childhood trauma, Jude Applegate has spent years picking up the pieces of his life and gluing them back together. Now, as an adult, his life is solid enough to begin taking some risks. So when an intriguing and handsome man asks him on a date, he says yes.

But then he’s forced to contend with the man’s brother, whose presence creates conflict, chaos, and confusion that threatens to upend the careful peace Jude’s spent years building.

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When a family illness delays Max Kirby’s life plans, he finds himself back in his hometown of Riverbush, a quaint mountainside community he’d have been otherwise happy to leave behind. But things have changed since he left for college. Seems all anyone wants to talk about is the brutal murders of a local family that rocked the town a year prior. And the strange rumors about the only surviving son, Dusty Roedell, who took up residence at the old farmhouse after the tragedy.

Now Max needs a job while he’s in town, and Dusty is looking for a night watchman to keep the vandals, pranksters, and crime scene gawkers off his property. Ignoring gossip that makes Dusty sound like a ghoul, Max takes the job, and finds only a grieving man trying to get on with his life. But Dusty is far more intriguing than Max expected, and his night shifts at the murder house lead to lustful thoughts about his new boss, along with shocking discoveries about the night Dusty’s family was killed.

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Halloween scifi special!

Jonathan’s life isn’t exactly exciting, but he’s content with what he has. Decent job, some good friends, nice house, and a cool Halloween party to look forward to. But while the October weather is mild, chills blow through when the glitches on his new computer escalate to include a chatty hacker who wants to discuss Jonathan’s private sexual proclivities—and won’t take no for an answer.

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College senior Ben LeClair has always been driven to perfection, so when a grade mix-up threatens to keep him from graduating, he confronts the problem head on.

When he meets with his handsome professor, he finds him to be arrogant and unyielding, and their argument leaves him furious.

But during a chance social engagement over the weekend, he spies his teacher involved in a shocking display of debauchery.

Suddenly, Ben’s feelings for his teacher take an extreme turn, and now his inherent determination is channeled in a new direction: Seducing Professor Coyle.

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SAFE IN YOUR FIRE: The Village – Book One


Welcome to The Village – A gay romance series with a sci-fi twist.

When asked to locate and interview an off-the-grid former child star for a magazine feature, novice journalist Rudy Sansone thinks he’s getting yet another demeaning assignment from his boss. But finding ‘Baby James’ Waterman proves to be a personal and professional challenge, as the elusive, hostile, and surprisingly sexy James is nothing that Rudy expected. But Rudy’s scrappy motivation to get the story at all costs plunges him into the mountain community of Singing Bear Village, where he senses strange and frightening secrets simmering beneath the surface. But what’s simmering between Rudy and his reluctant interview subject is something more carnal and heated, and his desire to be consumed by it clouds his judgement when warning bells urge him to flee the village and never look back.

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DEEP IN YOUR SHADOWS: The Village – Book Two


It’s been three months since the team were instructed to stay off the mountain, and Christian is going a little stir crazy. Until one rainy afternoon an object crashes into the water in Singing Bear Village, creating temporary chaos and confusion in the peaceful lakeside community. Given past events, Christian and his crew call Ogden, and their boss brings a specialized team to take over the situation, shutting out local law enforcement.

But Sheriff Myles Murphy doesn’t like being shut out, and is furious to have his authority superseded. Christian assures his boss that he can handle the local sheriff and assuage his suspicions, but it won’t be so easy. Because while Christian has harbored a secret crush on the man for two years, Sheriff Myles Murphy despises him.

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TRAPPED IN YOUR STORM: The Village – Book Three


Autumn has local DJ and disinformation agent Elliot Nicholson feeling renewed. He’s moved past the depression and anxiety that plagued him over the summer, and lately his job has been blessedly free of crisis. But for Elliot and his colleagues, nothing remains peaceful for long in Singing Bear Village. Baz, their outlandish ambassador, may be missing. Strange anomalies in the forest suggest something’s amiss with their neighbors under the mountain. And an online conspiracy theorist claims to know all the team’s secrets, and is threatening exposure. Thankfully, Elliot has Nolan, his loyal friend and teammate who’s always kept him grounded. But one night an innocent lark goes too far, and Elliot is knocked off-balance when Nolan starts looking at him in a different way.

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STIRRING CREATURES: The Village – Book 3.5 – Holiday Special


Christmas is coming in Singing Bear Village, but all is not jolly—at least for Christian. Though the other team members have met with Baz several times for work, when Christian gets assigned meetings, Baz never shows. Worried he’s offended their ambassador somehow, Christian seeks out Baz to see what the trouble is. But Baz’s answer is more than he bargained for.

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CAUGHT IN YOUR WAKE: The Village – Book Four

CaughtInYourWake draft three

When forest ranger Tim Patterson learned the frightening truth about his home town, it rocked his world. He’s always prided himself on being brave and strong, but it took some time to adjust to this new reality. With the help of his best friend Sheriff Myles Murphy, Tim has found his way back to his old self, though he’s still angry at the core team in Singing Bear Village for keeping him in the dark. Now he has to swallow his pride and ask for their help, because there are things going on in the forest lately he can’t explain.

What he doesn’t expect is that help to include the return of Tyler, who’s been gone from the village for ages. Tyler, the spooky, sexy young soldier who was there for Tim on a night he wasn’t brave or strong.  A night he’d love to forget but can’t seem to get out of his mind.

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TOUCHED BY YOUR LIES: The Village – Book Five


When the sheriff goes out of town, Deputy Darwyn Woods is tasked with holding things down on his own for a few days. What could possibly go wrong? Despite the annoying secretiveness among his friends lately, Darwyn is unaware of anything unusual about Singing Bear Village – beyond its quirky residents. But then one of those residents, Travis Thorpe, calls the deputy for help with a stalker who seems to exhibit unusual abilities. To make matters worse, Darwyn’s reluctant crush, the local science teacher Brett Kuna, insists on forcefully inserting himself into the investigation.
Suddenly Darwyn’s home has become a stew of sexual tension as he hosts two men with complicated romantic histories: one that Darwyn is trying to protect, and one who’s hellbent on protecting Darwyn. But from what?

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Young lab scientist Olsen Westergard has worked long and hard to create order and stability in his life, and believes he’s finally content. But when he goes on a summer holiday trip with his friends, they try to rouse him from his customary caution, urging him to remedy his extended sexual dry spell. Their fumbled efforts to hook him up validate Olsen’s guess that he likely won’t meet the type of guy he’s looking for on this trip. Or rather, the type of guy he thinks he’s looking for.

But when a solo late night beach walk leads to a heated encounter with a drunken stranger, Olsen unexpectedly finds himself overwhelmed with turbulent desires—made worse when he later discovers the stranger’s surprising identity, and that ready or not, they’re about to get to know each other a whole lot better.

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When fitness professional Jay Capello is unexpectedly offered the job of training a movie star’s teenage daughter for the summer, he thinks he’s scored a fairly cushy gig. But once let inside the locked gates of the actor’s residence, he begins to realize he’s been dropped into a web of family secrets, and the unconventional challenges of this assignment may be more than he can handle. But when he starts to fall for Bodie, the girl’s personal security guard, he tries to stick with it, and his simple summer commitment becomes a struggle to perform his job duties without losing his heart in the process.

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Doug Crandall’s perfect suburban life imploded after his boyfriend’s betrayal and a subsequent lawsuit left him personally and financially devastated. A year later, with a new place in the city and a fresh outlook, he’s back on his feet and ready to start over. Eager to lose his cynicism and heal his battered heart, he immerses himself in the local social scene, which includes a pair of charismatic men engaged in an open relationship. As Doug finds himself becoming emotionally and sexually entangled in their lives, he’s forced to reevaluate his views on fidelity, betrayal, love, and the often calamitous price of happiness.
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In the sequel to Guys on Top, we meet up with the Boston boys several months later. Corey has developed a close friendship with Doug, who’s still living in the apartment downstairs. But Doug plans to leave and move in with Stewart soon, and Corey finds himself feeling lost, since his own new relationship is beginning to implode—Zach’s insecurities over Corey’s promiscuous past turning from slightly annoying to downright irrational.

Corey’s stress increases when a conflict with a massage client’s homophobic family grows hostile, but through this debacle he meets Angelo, a local psychiatrist, who despite being straight, feels like a mirror image of himself. But soon this friendship becomes confusing as Angelo’s affection starts to feel not so platonic anymore. And for the first time in Corey’s life, he finds himself faced with a man who intimidates the hell out of him, and that he has absolutely no idea what to do with.
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Zach has worked long and hard to change his life and restore his dignity after the humiliating breakup with Corey two years ago. But bad luck has forced him to backslide again, and he fears that no matter how hard he struggles, he’ll always be a guy on the bottom. Until he meets Duncan, a much older man who takes a professional interest in Zach, boosting his shaky confidence.

But Zach is wary of Duncan’s motivations, even as he finds himself increasingly drawn in by his intense gaze and whimsical charm. To complicate matters, Duncan has a surprising connection to Zach’s ex-boyfriend Corey, forcing his past and present to collide, and Zach wonders if he’s really heading toward a brighter future, or if he’s once again on the path to self-destruction.

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When young attorney Brendan Burke opens his first law practice in a new city, he knows things are about to change in his life—though he never expected one of those things to be his sexual orientation. But when he meets Marcello, a sexy and mysterious stranger working at a restaurant in Providence’s Little Italy, he can’t fight his compulsion to pursue him. But while Marcello is willing to let Brendan into his bedroom, he’s stubbornly elusive about his past and his family. Fixated on discovering the truth, Brendan’s passion for Marcello turns out to be far more dangerous than he ever anticipated.

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12 responses

  1. Judith Poole

    Hi Darien,
    I’m so bummed, I’ve read everything you have posted – Twice! Loved, loved, loved them all. Thanks for sharing yourself with me. I have started writing myself and I know how much of one’s soul goes into a story. So, Thanks for putting yourself out there.

    April 20, 2014 at 5:34 pm

    • Thank you for your very sweet note, Judith, I’m glad the stories spoke to you, and wish you luck with your writing. I am currently working on another book, and hope to have a new release out very soon. Cheers!


      April 20, 2014 at 11:56 pm


    Iam kinda dissapointed dominick and scotty don’t have their own book by now. id really like to know their story

    September 9, 2015 at 11:44 am

    • Hi Ruthie. Dominick actually didn’t stay with Scotty, he had a new boyfriend at the end there. I do love that people found Dominick intriguing, perhaps more so than I did! But I will consider revisiting him in another story. Thanks for reading!

      September 9, 2015 at 3:22 pm

  3. Elisabeth

    Hello Darien,
    I just finished “Safe in your Fire“ and I’m so happy about this book. I read nearly all of your books, but I think this will be one of my absolute favorites. Thank you so much for writing these wonderful stories. But now I’m curious: will there be other main characters in the following books of the series (not that I’v got nearly enough of Rudy and JT). Either way: Your novels are on my Auto-buy List anyway. A fan from Austria

    April 4, 2016 at 8:00 pm

    • Thank you, Elisabeth, I’m so happy you enjoyed it! The main characters will definitely all get their own books, I’ve already got one of them chosen for the next one. Lots of fun stuff coming for the village boys. : )

      April 4, 2016 at 8:46 pm

  4. Tara

    I love your books!!! All of them. I just finished reading Guys on the Side, again. I love all the characters in the book. Are you going to write a story for Zack? I felt so bad for him… I hoped he would find someone…

    April 27, 2016 at 8:26 pm

    • Thanks, Tara! So glad you’re enjoying the stories. I attempted Zach’s story earlier this year but wasn’t feeling it. I may revisit, we’ll see!

      April 27, 2016 at 9:53 pm

  5. I had to say hello. You are an auto-buy author for me and I love your work. Stories that draw me in and make me feel the characters. Thanks for sharing your talent!

    June 21, 2016 at 4:40 pm

    • Thank you so much, I’m happy you enjoy the stories!

      June 21, 2016 at 5:01 pm

  6. Judith

    I love Baz! Such a sweetie.

    September 9, 2016 at 11:07 pm

    • haha thank you! I love him too. 🙂

      September 11, 2016 at 5:45 am

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